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Zapya Download – Simply the Best File Transfer Tool

Now a days everyone wants to share various types of files between their smart phones or other devices. For that they required to have a file transfer tool on their devices. In that case, Zapya download is simply the best file transfer tool available out there. No one can deny it. Because Zapya download allow you to share the files quite quickly. Though it is an easy to use file transfer app, the installation process is quite complicated. Most of the users have complained that they have to struggle to install it. Other than that Zapya download is far beyond the other file transfer tools existing right now. You can download it from their official site
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Zapya download could be used to share files between iOS devices and non-iOS devices. So it is a universal app. The primary requirement is that you need to have all the devices connected to the same Wi-Fi network, prior to the file transferring. When someone having Zapya download app installed on their device connect to your Wi-Fi network, your device will identify it as a friend. So any type of files can be transferred among such devices with the help of Zapya download. And also you can configure to be shared files, while hiding other personal files on your device. For that interface of the Zapya download app will assist you.

Zapya download is basically similar to other file transfer apps. But, it is really very different from them, since it is having some awesome features. For example, it allows you to separate images, videos and music, it support for multi-platforms, files are visually displayed. These features made it quite unique among other apps.
Other Key Features of Zapya download
1. Though you have to connect to a Wi-Fi network, it will not incur any cost for mobile data. It means than no mobile data is used to share files with friends. Wi-Fi network is just a pathway to transfer the files among devices. And you can transfer files with several devices at the same time. Zapya download will allow you to have Multi-peer connectivity. Very similar to AirDrop.

2. You can transfer larger data files between your mobile devices with Zapya download. Such as some crazy pictures you have taken or any personal photos, selfies, etc…, could be shared with your friends.

3. Zapya download support for group transfer. It allows maximum five people to connect together for single file transfer or multiple file transfer.

4. The maximum transfer speed is 5MB/second. And is also support for long distance file transfer. This massive speed will let you to transfer nearly 120 pictures within one minute.
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